Our Mission:
To offer women with high quality products with proven results at reasonable price.

Our Vision:
To be the most trusted and preferred brand in beauty products category.

Our Story:

Celebeaute is the brainchild of Queenzy Cheng (莊群施), a Malaysian actress and singer. Since 2011, Queenzy has been trying various formulations developed by her friend who is a nutritionist. Whilst on a quest in maintaining youthful appearance and radiant skin, Queenzy has discovered Celebeaute, a series of health supplements that works from within to promote beautiful skin and complexion. Therefore, working in collaboration with various independent research laboratories and industry leaders in ingredients, Innoceutical Sdn Bhd was established to develop a new generation of power packed natural and nutritious food supplements and functional foods based on naturally sourced foods.

Innoceutical is an aspiring Malaysian biotechnology company founded by women using the latest scientific and technological processes to transform nutritional products into convenient, palatable and delicious functional foods for the benefit and enjoyment of mankind. We endeavors to be in the forefront of biotechnology, applying it to its maximum advantage in order to bring nature’s best food nutrients from the bio-diverse natural environment to the plate.

The nucleus of Innoceutical is at its state of art world class production facilities which conforms to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All our products must go through rigorous clinical trials, lab tests and certification. We engage independent laboratories which is recognized and certified by the Malaysian government to provide accurate and unbiased test results. Our independent labs are accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 ensuring strict Quality Assurance protocols. All our products comply with the Malaysian Food Act 1983 and Malaysian Food Regulations 1985. All our pharmaceutical products are also registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

At the helm of Innoceutical is a team of dedicated scientists, food nutritionists and technologist who are passionate to develop quality products for our consumers. We have a sophisticated system to manage our intellectual properties such as our patented natural processing methodology, brand name, trade secrets and other rights. With the combination of real life experiences backed by technology, you can be assured with quality functional food from us.