February 26, 2019

Our guts are swarming with bacteria and not all bacteria are bad. In fact, increasing numbers of studies indicate that probiotics and prebiotics can aid good bacteria to help fight against diseases, maintain a healthy immune system and protect against allergies particularly in children.

Probiotics and prebiotics are thought to restore the balance of bacteria in your child’s digestive tract and prevent bad bacteria from taking over and causing disease. Prebiotic acts as a fertilizer to stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Think of them as food for good bacteria that increases their population in your child’s intestine. Probiotics, on the other hand, are the actual good bacteria themselves. When your child consumes food that contain probiotics, she increases her gut’s ratio of good bacteria to bad.

Restoring bacteria levels after antibiotics

While antibiotics are sometimes necessary and life-saving, they also can kill both bad and good bacteria in your child’s gut and that can lead to gastrointestinal distress. You can help restore your child’s bacteria balance after a course of antibiotic treatment by giving them foods that contain friendly bacteria (probiotics) and prebiotic.

CeleBeaute Synbiotics for children

CeleBeaute Synbiotics really are superstars when it comes to health. Not only are they known to help restore digestive balance and aid immunity, it also improves general wellbeing. A well-functioning gut with a good balance of flora allows your children to digest the foods they eat and absorb the nutrients that are so essential for wellness. It is important to maintain a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract; low numbers of good and higher numbers of the bad bacteria can compromise health and immunity. This delicate balance is easily upset, particularly by antibiotics, poor dietary choices, high sugar diets and stress. Probiotics can help restore this balance of good and bad bacteria. CeleBeaute Synbiotics can be used for children for normal healthy digestive function and general wellbeing. If a child has been taking a course of antibiotics, CeleBeaute Synbiotics may assist in maintaining the levels of normal healthy flora or friendly bacteria that may have been disrupted.

~CeleBeaute Synbiotics~

? Improves children’s digestive health and proven to increase friendly bacteria in gut by 40 times to support gut health.
? Prevents inflammation and strengthen immune function
? Improves calcium absorption
? Pleasant sweet taste and can be easily mix with your children’s cereals, juices or milk.

January 15, 2019

Shedding the pounds and getting a flat stomach in time for any special celebration is normally achieved by a delicate balance of exercise and dieting. But latest studies have shown that by just adding synbiotics to your diet, you can cut belly fat and beat the bloat, fast.

The idea behind synbiotics is that combining prebiotic and probiotic supplement can help ensure that the digestion-friendly microorganisms arrive in the gut alive and well. Synbiotics is particularly useful for people with conditions like IBS, other bowel disorders and diabetes.

Prebiotics are a special form of dietary fiber that act as fertilizers to help stimulate the growth of good bacteria already in the gut. Unlike probiotics, which are live good bacteria, prebiotics act as the food for the good bacteria in your gut. Consuming more prebiotics will cause the good bacteria in your gut to thrive, aiding digestion, reducing bloating and achieving a flatter stomach fast. Researchers believe prebiotics produce fatty acids in our bodies, which are thought to increase levels of GLP 1, a hormone found in the intestines. The more GLP 1 we have, the less hungry we feel, thus leading to weight loss.

Research has also shown that probiotics can positively impact both weight and BMI (body mass index). In one study, women taking daily probiotics for six months saw significant body weight and fat mass reductions compared to women taking a placebo. In another recent review of 2,000 adults, researchers discovered that consumption of probiotics reduced both BMI and weight in subjects, especially for those taking multi-strain formulas for at least two months.

By adding in synbiotics to your health regimen is a simple way to achieve proper microbial balance in your digestive tract which will help you get both your metabolism and your weight back on track.

Tips for living a gut-healthy life :

  • Nurture your gut.
    – A healthy gut environment will enable your good guy microbes to flourish so they can get to work supporting your weight.
    – Take a high-quality synbiotics like CeleBeaute Synbiotics to seed your gut with billions of beneficial bacteria that can work to optimize your metabolism at its very core.
  • Stay away from probiotic killers.
    – Avoid antibiotics when possible, both as medicine and in the food supply. They wipe out the good guys along with the bad, depleting your precious microbiome and making it much easier to gain weight.
    – Steer clear of antibacterial cleaners and chemicals, which also kill the good bacteria. Look for natural cleaners like gentle soap, water and baking soda.
    – Skip the artificial sweeteners. Non-caloric artificial sweeteners can have disastrous effects on your microbiome and your glucose metabolism
  • Get active and manage stress.
    – Stress impacts the microbiome and research shows that physical activity benefits more than just your muscles.
    – Engage in moderate exercise. Studies show that active people have more diverse, healthier microbiomes than those who are sedentary.
    – Relax your body and mind with meditation, yoga, or your favorite stress-busting practice.
    – Get outside and enjoy nature. Exposure to all kinds of microbes in the environment strengthens your immune system.

While diet and exercise are important in weight loss, we must take a holistic approach when it comes to optimizing our body’s metabolism. In recent years, we’ve learned that one of the reasons that diet and exercise are so integral in achieving our ideal body weight is because of their effect on our microbes! Taking care of our gut health and nourishing the beneficial bacteria can fully support all the metabolic processes which are the foundation when it comes to experiencing vibrant health and sustainable weight loss.