CeleBeaute Spirulina

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No. 1 Spirulina On Earth. Green Superfood from USA


CeleBeaute Spirulina uses the number 1 spirulina on earth, Earthrise® Spirulina.
  • Uses Earthrise Spirulina, USA. Largest spirulina farm in the world
  • Non-GMO, 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-Irradiated, Pesticide & Herbicide Free & Kosher Certified.
  • No binders or excipients, just 100% natural Spirulina.
Promo price : RM250 (Normal Price RM280)
Size : 1000 tablets x 200mg
Recommended dosage : Chew 5-10 tablets, 2-3 times per day after meal.
Each bottle can last for 3 months!


To purchase, please call or Whatsapp us at +0106578838  



世界上最完美食品。全世界第一大廠 美国 Earthrise 原料。
  • CeleBeaute 螺旋藻采用全球排名第一的Earthrise® 螺旋藻。
  • 非转基因,100%素食主义者,无麸质,非辐照,无农药和除草剂,并通过犹太洁食认证。
  • 没有粘合剂或赋形剂,只有100%天然螺旋藻。
含量:1000 粒装 x 200毫克



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