Love CeleBeaute Tx? Interested in selling it?
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CeleBeaute Tx is fast becoming the Malaysia’s most beloved beauty supplement. Formulated with premium ingredients, clinically validated dosage and with proven results, CeleBeaute Tx is the ultimate solution to nurture fairer, clearer and healthier skin.

Why CeleBeaute Tx?

  1. Brand owned and created by recording artist and actress, Queenzy  Cheng 莊群施.
  2. High quality product – A proprietary formulation with the most innovative ingredients available in the world using clinically validated dosage.
  3. Proven results in just 14 days.
  4. Backed by professional marketing and training team.
  5. Produced in a certified GMP factory and approved to sell by Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

We invite freelancer, students, housewives, people looking for additional income to become our resellers. For more information, please contact +6010-654-8838 / / fill in the form below.